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Highway Garage Services

The Highway Department of the Engineer's Office is responsible for maintaining Huron County public roads throughout the County, to include bridge repairs, mowing, road surfacing, ditch line maintenance, road construction, drainage installations and repairs, traffic sign maintenance and road marking. The various highway crews report to Bob Seidel, Superintendent. All crews work from our Highway Office located at 150 Jefferson Street, Norwalk, Ohio, 44857.



The Highway Department is responsible for both roadway ditchline maintenance and application of liquid asphalt and stone (tar & chip) to the road surface. Road sealing operations are dependent on weather, requiring a consistent temperature throughout the day and evening for the stones to adhere properly with the liquid asphalt.

The County Engineer sends media advisories to all local radio stations and newspapers, as well as posting on to notify residents along the road, requesting that vehicles not be parked during sealing operations. After the road is swept, it is important that the road remains clear of all grass clippings and debris until the sealing is completed. To check if your road is scheduled for sealing or shoulder pulling, go online to our website at or contact the Huron County Engineer at 419-668-1997.


The Highway Department is responsible for grading, rebuilding, and widening existing roads, curb repairs, installation of sediment control fabrics and replacement fencing and any major projects that improve sight distance at intersections. To report any road or site distance problem, contact Huron County Highway at 419-668-1997.


The Highway Department is responsible for mowing roadsides to control noxious weeds and improve sight distances. Mowing our Highway facilities is also their responsibility as well as tree trimming, tree removal, roadside mowing and stump grinding. Please direct your requests for the above services thru the office at 419-668-1997 from 8:00 a.m. thru 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday.


The Highway Department maintains 411 bridges throughout Huron County. They are responsible for all bridge repairs and maintenance, including decking replacements, scouring graffiti from bridge walls, installing bridge guardrails, and resurfacing bridge walls with concrete. The Bridge crew also rebuilds bridge walls and builds the necessary forms. They coordinate their work thru the County Engineer's engineering department.

The Bridge Crew is tasked with maintaining various culverts and watershed drains. To report bridges contact the Highway Department 419-668-1997.


The County Engineer is responsible for painting all yellow and white lines on Huron County public roads. They also apply various legends (arrows, handicapped logo), stop bars and school crossing hatch marks. This work is contracted out to a vendor each year.

We ask for you cooperation and patience during line striping operations. Please obey the no passing signs and flagger directions to ensure the water-based paint has dried prior to crossing the newly painted lines.


The Highway Sign Shop is responsible for installation and maintenance of all Huron County traffic signs, delineators, and street signs. They fabricate street signs and many informational (blue & white) and guide (green & white) and miscellaneous specialty signs at the shop on 150Jefferson Street, Norwalk, other signs are prepared by private vendors for installation. To request replacement of missing or damaged signs on Huron County roads, contact the office at 419-668-1997 Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. thru 4:30 p.m. All requests for new signing should be directed to the Highway Office at the same number.

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