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The Ohio Public Works Commission was created to assist in financing local public infrastructure improvements under the State Capital Improvements Program (SCIP) and the Local Transportation Improvements Program (LTIP). These programs provide financial assistance to local communities for the improvement of their basic infrastructure systems. Through the two programs, the Commission provides grants, loans, and financing for local debt support and credit enhancement. Eligible projects include improvements to roads, bridges, culverts, water supply systems, wastewater systems, storm water collection systems, and solid waste disposal facilities.

The State Capital Improvements Program was created in 1987, by an amendment to the Ohio Constitution, which allows the State to use its general revenues as debt support and issue up to $120 million in bonds each year. With the renewal of State Issue 2 in November of 1995, the second ten-year program started in 1997 and the third ten-year program was renewed in 2005 by the voters of Ohio, when State Issue 1, that also contained the Third Frontier Initiative.

The Local Transportation Improvements Program was created by the legislature in 1988 and provides an additional $60 million in gasoline tax receipts each year. To apply for State Capital Improvements Program funds or Local Transportation Improvements funds the subdivision must apply to its District Public Works Integrating Committee (DPWIC). The Ohio General Assembly created 19 Public Works Districts that are responsible for recommending projects to the Ohio Public Works Commission. DPWIC’s consist of local officials representing all levels of government. Each DPWIC evaluates and scores applications using a locally developed methodology based on criteria listed in Chapter 164 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Trustees meet to prepare for Round 21 Funding

Norwalk: On June 21st, at the Engineer's Office at 150 Jefferson Street, Norwalk, Representatives from Huron County Townships met to start preparing for Round 21 funding from Issue 1, and from Small Government Applications under the auspices of District 9 Committee, OPWC.

Those attending were from Lyme (Mike Nottke); Ripley (Lee Delamater); Ridgefield (Robert Schaffer); Greenwich(Dave Seidel); Ripley (Richard Pennell); Sherman (Dick Houck); Norwich(Dick Wiles) and Wakeman (Caroll Butler). Joe Kovach, County Engineer was there along with Bob Seidel, County Highway Superintendent; Gary Gillen, Manager, Engineering and Survey; and Tracy Konik, Data Entry Clerk.

A downloadable application in MSWord for the 2006 Issue 1, Round 21, OPWC District 9 Committee, is available on this page, see Round 21.

For complete details see minutes below:

Ohio Public Works
Issue I and Small Government
Funding Application Meeting

A meeting was held on June 20, 2006 @ 7:30 AM in the Conference Room of the Huron County Engineer for Townships interested in submitting applications in 2006 for Issue I and Small Government Grants & Loans Requests. The following representatives were present at the meeting:

Name Representing Name Representing

Leland Delamater Ripley Twp. Richard Pennell Ripley Twp. Michael Nottke Lyme Twp. Richard Houck Sherman Twp.
Robert Schaffer * Ridgefield Twp. Dick Wiles * Norwich Twp.
Dave Seidel * Greenwich Twp. Joe Kovach Huron County Tracy Konik Huron County Gary Gillen Huron County Bob Seidel Huron County Caroll Butler * Wakeman Twp.

* Part of Townships 5-Member Review Board.

The purpose of the meeting was to prepare for this year's (2006) Issue I & Small Government Applications by reviewing proposed projects.

The meeting was open by Mike Nottke, Lyme Twp. Trustee &Chairman of the Township 5-Member Review Board.

Copies of Mr. Ken Carney’s, June 12, 2006 Memo for Round 21 Applications was passed out to all in attendance. The Memo contained:

- Funding allocations for Round 21.
- Schedule
- Project Evaluation Criteria
- Application

The Following is a list of Projects Discussed:

1. Ripley Township, Boughtonville Road
2. Sherman Township, Dogtown Road (Bismark to Peru West Section Line)
3. Greenwich Township, Plymouth East (Ninevah to Greenwich East TL)
4. Ridgefield Township, Huber Road (90 degree bend)
5. Norwich Township, Miller Road (north of Egypt Rd)
6. Lyme Township, Sandhill Rd (County Line south 3,100ft)

Townships will provide the Detail Project Information to the County, (see 5-17-06 meeting minutes). Trustees were instructed to complete existing condition repots to identify the number of driveways, drive pipes, cross culverts, catch basins. Trustees should also supply project photos, support letters, accident information that will clarify the scope of work to enhance the project.

The Huron County Engineer’s Office will be available for Site Reviews and Technical support to develop a quality Application. (Note: Technical information will also be available on the Huron County Engineer’s Web Site: www.huroncountyengineer.org

The next Issue I Board & Engineer meeting will be scheduled (3rd week in July)

All Applications are DUE on or before AUGUST 8, 2206 to the Huron County Engineer.

Round 21 Application, Ratings criteria and schedule
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The Round 21 Allocation for the district (Huron, Lorain and Medina Counties) is $4,412,000 in State Capital Improvement Funds, $743,000 in Revolving Loan Funds and $2,728,000 in Local Transportation Improvement Funds.

Please see on this page a downloadable application form, schedule, and rating criteria for Round 21 Ohio Public Works Commission projects in MSWord.

Wenz Bridge Project finished, with $490,000 of OPWC Funds.
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Clarksfield Township:
Local residents are benefiting from the new bridge at Wenz road. This project was partially funded with over $490,000 of OPWC Issue 2 money from Round 20.

Four Township Projects Could Be Funded

There is very encouraging news from Columbus regarding four of Huron County’s Township roadway improvement projects.

Not only did four of Huron County’s township projects qualify as four of the five OPWC District 9 applications to be sent to Columbus, but, all four are now in the final consideration for funding under the state’s Small Government Program.

Wakeman Township: West River Road Improvement Project. On West River Road, from Wakeman Village to the Huron County line. The effort will widen existing roadway from 16’ to a full 20’. The project includes improvements to drainage, pavement, road profile and sight distances. Estimated project cost: $ 597,560.00; Funding request: $ 495,975.00

Fairfield Township: The Burras Road Improvement Project will include new guardrail along a deep roadside ditch, substantial ditch cleaning and maintenance, along with replacing a road culvert. Project estimate: $ 60,017.00; Funding assistance requested: $ 41,412.00.

New Haven Township: Buckingham Road Guardrail Project, between Bullhead and Holtz Road, calls for the installation of nearly a half mile of new guardrail along the dangerous Buckingham ditch. Estimate: $ 133,778.00; Assistance requested: $ 102,340.00

Ripley Township: Old State Road Improvement Project, between Plymouth East Road (West), and Baseline Roads, will upgrade the existing 16’ wide roadway to a full twenty foot wide, two-lane roadway in addition to improving drainage and sight distances. Estimate: $ 575,896.00; Funding assistance requested: $ 483,224.00

This program is specific to villages and townships with populations in the unincorporated areas of less than 5,000, and has a separate methodology from what District Integrating Committee used to originally score the township’s application. Therefore, OPWC is giving the townships 30 calendar days to specifically address criteria and provide the required documentation.

Please note there will be no target “cut-off score” provided. This is primarily due to last year’s increased funding round which was based on a revised methodology.

As in the past the applications will not be scored until the district’s documentation deadline of February 5, 2010 has passed. OPWC will not accept any changes or additional documentation after this deadline. No exceptions. Townships are responsible for determining the need for any additional documentation. Incomplete information or documentation may prevent the awarding of points under a specific criterion.

To help the townships better prepare their application OPWC is providing a project checklist. In addition to the program requirements townships may want to take advantage of a couple of factors to increase their score by requesting a loan, if they have not so indicated previously, or reducing the amount of requested assistance.

The Small Government awards will be posted on the OPWC website at www.pwc.state.oh.us after the project selection meeting which is to be held May 18, 2009. OPWC will also distribute the results to the Districts. Only those applicants who receive funds will be contacted.

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