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The Huron County Engineer's Office is composed of a small group of hard working employees, who probably are your neighbors and friends, that have a stake in the welfare of the county they live in.

They do a mixture of administrative, engineering, maintenance of infrastructure, equipment, roadway and bridge construction to make Huron County's transportation system safe, reliable and designed to handle the latest equipment that is ever increasing in size in our county's largest industry, Agriculture. The Huron County Engineer's office is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 223 miles of road, 401 bridges and with an annual budget of 4.8 million dollars. A responsibility that is equal to that of larger population counties, like Lucas County, which has 290 miles of road and 159 bridges, but with an annual budget of 89 million dollars.

So the challenge to the staff of the Huron County Engineer's Office is do more with less, and in the last 15 years, we have brought in 11 million dollars in bridge reconstruction funds from the Ohio Public Works Commission to successfully meet this challenge.

Our mission at the Huron County Engineer's Office is to keep the county transportation complex of roads and bridges at the highest level of maintenance and operation, and always building today, for a better tomorrow!


Lee E. Tansey, P.E., P.S.
Huron County Engineer

Lee resides in Wakeman Township, near the family farm where he grew up. He is married to Kristy, a Registered Nurse at UH Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital. Lee and Kristy have three daughters: Grace (10 years), Maggie (8 years) and Molly (5 years). His daughters are active in 4-H, taking projects such as dairy feeder steer, cooking and vegetable gardening to the Huron County Fair.
He graduated from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and minor in Business Administration and received Certificate of Surveying from the University of Akron

Previous Positions: Lorain County Engineer’s Office - Bridge Engineer, Erie County Engineer’s Office – Project Engineer, Arcadis Engineering – Design Engineer

Gary Gillen, P.S.
Manager, Engineering Department

Gary is a Registered Professional Surveyor who has worked for the engineer since 1989. He started out as a Survey Crew Chief and worked his way up to his current position as Engineering Manager. His duties include the delegation of work to personnel as well as his own involvement at various stages for bridge inspection, project inspection, survey work, roadway design and bridge design. Gary also coordinates projects for the county and other local governments with CEAO CSTP/LBR Funding, The Ohio Public Works Commission, Small Governments and WSOS Community Action Commission Inc. as well as projects funded with local monies. He is responsible for all phases of these projects including research, survey work, design, plan preparation, bid documents, estimates and inspection.

Gary is married to Lisa and they have two daughters, Lydia and Grace.

Rob Good
Road Superintendent

Rob has been with the Engineer's Office since 1987. He has served in many capacities during his tenure and is currently Road Superintendent.

Rob is married and has 2 sons.

Robert Kolopus, P.E.,P.S.
Deputy Engineer-Design

Bob Kolopus works in Engineering section at the highway department. He is primarily a design engineer and checks the work that is done by outside Consultants to insure that it is up to the standards of the County Engineer.

Bob started working for the previous engineer in June of 1995. He has either designed or checked most of the bridge and culvert projects done by the department since that date. Bob is known for his thoroughness and attention to detail.

Bob is divorced and has five grown children and six grandchildren.

Tracy Konik
Data Entry Clerk

Tracy Konik is a Data Entry Clerk who is responsible for Accounts Payable and Fund tracking.

Tracy and her husband, Adam live in Norwalk with their children Samuel, Alison & Madalyn.

Jarvis Bova
Highway Worker

Jarvis Bova is a Highway Worker. He is a veteran of separate deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in the War on Terror. Bova is a good worker who displays a quiet and confident competency on the job, that mirrors the experience and knowledge picked up while serving our country in harm's way.

Bill Dupont
Highway Worker

Bill Dupont is a highway worker at the department. He has worked at most of the jobs in the department and is a good worker who adds to a positive atmosphere on the job.

Bill "$Bill" Gerstenberger
Highway Worker

$Bill Gerstenberger has worked for highway department since June of 1996. He has worked in all phases of the department, from plowing snow, prefabbing bridge components, driving piling, painting vehicles and mowing the roadsides in summer.

Bill is married to Sheri, and they have two children, Mitchul and Alisha.

Glenn Higgins
Foreman, Pipe Crew

Glenn Higgins has worked for the Highway Department over 29 years, starting out a highway worker in 1977 and now is one of the senior Foreman in the department. He is in charge of one of the pipeline crews, that take care of the drainage infrastructure in the county. During his time at the Highway Department, Glenn has done it all, bridge construction, mowing, snow plowing and on and on. It is this kind of experience that makes hard jobs easy and easy jobs, easier.

Glenn is married to Nancy and they have two sons, Chris and Jason.

Mike Keefe
Engineering Aide

Working for the Engineer's office since 1998, Mike is a member of the survey crew who can be seen out in the county doing surveying for road and bridge projects.

Mike is married to Erin and they have 4 children.

George "Bob" Latteman
Highway Worker

George "Bob" Latteman has worked for the County Engineer Office on the Highway Department side, since July of 2000. He works with Foreman Dick Morman on a pipeline crew, that takes care of the county's drainage infrastructure. He can be seen working with Dick Morman on many of the county and township roads, replacing, repairing or installing new pipe to keep the drainage system intact and working.

Bob has three children, George, Thedore and Christopher.

John Mikalacki

John Mikalacki has worked for the department since 2003, and brought with him extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry of the maintenance, and repair of all types of equipment. John uses this knowledge and experience to good use, by using time tested skills to make the work process easier, safer and more efficient.

John grew up in Medina County and comes from a rural tradition. Which he is passing on to his children, who participate in the annual Huron County Junior Fair, showing their pigs.

John is married to Donna and they have three children, Mark, Rebeka and Rachel.

Dick Morman
Foreman, Pipeline Crew

Dick Morman has been with the Highway Department for over 15 years, coming to it from working in private sector construction. He is a consummate operator, having over 8600 hours behind the controls. He is one of those operators whose ease with a machine reminds one of an orchestra conductor, every move made with precision. He is a pipeline crew foreman and works to keep the drainage infrastructure in the county, free of obstructures and ready in case of rain storms or high water.

He is married to Patricia and they have four children, Kathleen, Kristine, Keith and Kelly.

Mark Riley
Survey Party Chief

Mark Riley has worked for the department since 1989. He has worked in the survey field for over 25 years. Although not a registered surveyor, he has many years of field experience in boundary, centerline and construction surveys. On rainy days you can find him at the Tax Map Department pulling research for many of our jobs.

Mark also fills in plowing snow, inspecting projects and doing miscellaneous office and field projects.

Mark is married and has three grown children Shannon, Nick and Ryan.

Steve Scheel
Highway Worker

Steve Scheel has worked for the department for over three years. He is married to Fran and they have three children, Isaac, Alexandra and Avery.

Gregg Smith

Gregg Smith has worked for Huron County Highway for over 15 years, as a highway worker and operator. He worked for years for his family's tree trimming business started by his father in the 60's. Gregg's most familiar work setting is in the seat of a piece of equipment doing what has to be done to get the job done. He works on Kevin Wilhelm's crew most of the time and in the winter can be seen out cutting and trimming trees that are a problem along the county highways.

Gregg is married to Julie and they have two children, Ashley and Darren.

Bob Sutherland Jr.
HIghway Worker

Bob Sutherland Jr., works as a highway worker on Rob Good's Bridge Crew, and occasionally floating to help with other projects, such as the Salt Shed at Zenobia Road. Bob or Boo as the men call him is a steady man on the job and a good worker.

He and his wife Nicole have 2 children, Blake and Sophia.

Jim Weisenberger
Highway Worker

Jim Weisenberger has been with the Engineer's Office on the Highway Department side for over 16 years. He works with Glenn Higgins on a pipeline crew, that maintains the county drainage infrastructure. Jim is also an operator and routinely is running a backhoe on a job along a county or township road replacing, repairing or installing new components in the drainage infrastructure, to keep its integrity intact.

Jim is married to Deborah and they have three grown children, Marcus, Joseph, Alicia and grandkids too.

Nicole White
Receptionist/Data Entry Clerk

Nicole Phibbs has been with the County Engineer's Office since 1993. In addition to answering the phones and taking care of township customers, she also handles payroll. She is always ready to assist you in finding the right person to answer your question.

She has two children, Alex and Addy.

Kelly Smith
Records Specialist

Kelly Smith has been with the Engineer's Office for over 15 years, starting at dispatcher and now providing support for the Engineering Department. She lives in Norwalk with her husband and two children.

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